Mississippi Public Broadcasting is accepting applications for its MPB Student Council, whose members serve as MPB’s workforce development ambassadors to their peers.

The MPB Council is open to students statewide in grades 8-11, and there is no cost for participation. Participants receive practical career training and opportunities to spearhead civic engagement initiatives. As ambassadors for the MPB Workforce Development Advisory Board, the council members act as liaisons to their peers in schools and communities.

Members lead MPB projects, produce youth podcasts, and design campaigns that resonate with their generation’s unique habits and expressions. The experience helps prepare students for college, careers, and beyond by sharpening their communication skills to actively participate in dialogues about development in Mississippi.

The selected students serve on the council for a one-year term with an option to extend their service.

Students can apply here or visit https://www.mpbonline.org/education.

For more information about MPB, visit www.mpbonline.org. Find all MPB press releases here.